first post

This is my first post ever! I have always admired and read fashion blogs, so I thought “Why not start my own?” I am so excited to be a part of the WordPress community and can’t wait to share my daily inspirations and styles.

p.s. excuse the dirty mirror! (:


ImageImageImageJeans:Hollister, Tank top:Urban Outfitters, Denim shirt:Urban Outfitters, Boots:Steve Madden, Watch:Fossil, Bracelet:Target

14 thoughts on “first post

      • Yes! I haven’t posted in a week because I’ve been moving. Mine mostly involves sociopolitical commentary, feminism, and religious analysis and criticism from the sociological perspective. I follow a lot of fashion blogs though, and now I follow one more. Huzzah!

      • You’ve been moving? I hope it’s going well! (: That’s so awesome! I will definitely be reading your posts. Great! Thanks for the follow and for just being an incredible person (:

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