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Hello, all! 

Long time, no talk! I have started a new blog and would absolutely love it if you took the time to follow me there. I’ll be posting about fashion (of course!), design, museums and my favorite…travel. I hope you all are doing well.



Supreme Lash Mascara by Merle Norman

Hello, lovely readers!

I hope you all had a magnificent spring day! I don’t have much time this weekend to write a new blog post because of my nearing project due dates, however, I just HAD to tell you about a product…

Today I tried Merle Norman Supreme Lash Mascara in Black! Wow….I am at a loss for words. This stuff is amazing! It gives you great length and decent volume. I am extremely impressed with this mascara and can’t wait to wear it again!

No need for falsies with this mascara!!


fancy floral keyboard..thanks to Kidecals!

Hello, lovely readers!

First off, let me just say…HAPPY SPRING! Can you believe that it is starting to feel like spring outside? I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to walk out of my flat in a simple sundress or comfy shorts. We have had what seems like an eternal winter here in Indy. (Maybe Frozen had something to do with it, eh? 😉 ) Therefore, I am more appreciative of the sunshine and warm breeze now than ever before.

This sunshine is bringing more than just warm rays, it’s also making gorgeous blooming flowers appear. I absolutely love flowers and the vibrant hues they adorn the world with. Another part of my life that is now blooming with flowers is my laptop keyboard! I use my laptop so incredibly much between school, blogging, photography, etc., so sprucing up my computer and making it pretty can really lift my mood. Kidecals was so very nice and had me select some decals off of their website and I chose these “keycals”.

Aren’t they adorable?


They were surprisingly easy to apply and seem to be extremely durable! I love how they are thick and not flimsy. They have stayed on very well over the past couple of weeks, which is crazy because they came off so easily when I was getting them on my keys just right. I have always been kind of nervous when it comes to decals (haha, I’m cool, I know…) because I am a perfectionist and would expect myself to mess up when I put them on and hate it forever. However, these “keycals” are perfect for perfectionists because they don’t leave a residue on your keys and you can rearrange them however you’d like!






Overall, I am impressed with Kidecals in general and highly recommend their products! They are based out of Boulder, CO, a city that I LOVE…so that’s also a plus. (: You should definitely check out all of their products! They have decals for parents, college students, children, and just about everyone!

Also, if you use the discount code ” fashion ” when you check out, you can get 15% off of your purchase!

I hope you all have a great week! (:

a wonderful christmas

Hi, all! I hope you have had a lovely holiday season full of joy and laughter! I had such a marvelous Christmas. I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and did so many fun holiday things with my friends! A few of my favorites were watching Christmas movies like Elf, exploring the glistening city, and shopping for the perfect gifts for my family and friends. I love watching other people open gifts! Honestly, I feel like I’m kind of awkward when I open gifts! Haha. I guess it’s because I am so thankful for them thinking of me, but I feel like I can’t express my thankfulness enough!! I say thank you too much I think (; haha. The sentimental, hand-made gifts are my absolute favorites to give and receive (: I spent Christmas back home and it was quite wonderful. I hope yours was as well!!

Oh and one more thing… have a fantastic New Year’s Eve!! I better get to thinking about my new year’s resolutions!


The decorations in my old room.

ImageA cute snowman cookie ornament on our tree. (Looks good enough to eat!)


This ornament is made out of a gorgeous seashell! I brought it home for my mom after I went on my trip to the Cayman Islands earlier in the year. It makes me think of the warm, Caribbean beaches….ahhhh (:

Here are a just a few of the incredibly thoughtful gifts I received!

ImageMy parents gifted me an iPad Air! I can’t believe I own an iPad. I have always dreamed about making art on them and never thought I would own one this nice! I am already addicted to the many drawing and painting apps on it. I also received a fantastic stylus to use with it.

ImageSome artwork I have created with my iPad…



I sketched this when I was thinking about how excited I am to be in Arizona and Colorado in a few days. (:


I think my family knows that I am obsessed with bubble baths…hahaImage

Can’t wait to try these beauty products!

ImageSara, my brother’s amazing girlfriend, gifted me the Chloé perfume and Yves Saint Laurent lipgloss in the previous picture. I’m in love with both of them! I have never owned a Yves Saint Laurent product before, so I am extremely excited! This lip color is fantastic and will definitely become a staple in my beauty products.

thank you, Surfdome!

First off, happy holidays! I hope all of you have been enjoying this magical season of gratitude and generosity. I know I’ve been loving wintertime festivities with friends and family, myself. This semester of college has been filled with wonderful new opportunities! Between an academically-challenging semester, becoming a member of a sorority and traveling, I have been crazy busy! I have loved all of these new experiences though. (: Now that things have died down a bit, I can begin posting more regularly! (Thank goodness!) I am so happy to be blogging again because I was going a bit insane without it, haha. I love using it as a form of self-expression and it’s an amazing feeling to talk to fellow bloggers around the globe!

But, let’s get back to this amazing holiday season. This has been a great month so far because I have been able to do so many of my favorite things. Some of these activities include volunteering with my sorority sisters, spending extra time with my family, and of course…holiday shopping!! I fully believe that giving is better than receiving. It’s a blast to shop for friends and family and see their faces light up when they unwrap their gifts. I wish I could post everything I am gifting my friends and family for Christmas, but they will probably read this post and I would never want to ruin the surprise 😉

However, I WILL fill you in on a fabulous gift I received recently.

Surfdome is a lifestyle store that has over 900 lifestyle brands of everything from extreme sport equipment, to chic dresses, to unique accessories! I recently discovered them and they sent me an absolutely magnificent grey scarf by Pieces.


I love this scarf because it can be worn any time of year and is extremely versatile. It can be worn with super relaxed clothing, or it can be paired with a little black dress and heels for a night out.



My friend Travis and I on campus! This scarf looks amazing with so many outfits, but I LOVE pairing it with burgundy. I posted this image on Instagram a little while back….feel free to follow me! @mandymintblog

I highly suggest checking out Surfdome because they have many more scarves and other great products. All-in-all Surfdome products are high quality and they just have that cool factor….plain and simple. (:


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  (:

mini autumn vacation

Hello, my beautiful readers!

Who else is excited for Autumn? It brings perfect weather for fun fall activities like hayrides and haunted housing, speciality warm drinks that fill up cozy coffee shops with their inviting aroma, and of course, fall fashion! I have been extremely busy settling into my new apartment life downtown and working on projects for school. However, this past weekend I took a mini vacation with my family. We went to French Lick Resort which is an extravagant hotel down south. It was originally constructed in 1845  and has been visited by so many notable people. Elegance, class and glamour are all words used to describe this amazing place. I am obsessed with history and vintage I loved staying here! It was nearly impossibly to take a bad photo because it was just so gorgeous. I hope you enjoy looking through these snapshots!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!



Such a breathtaking lobby! Gold everywhere.


Every single detail was amazing…even the lighting fixtures!



This graveyard was eerie at times, but I loved exploring it and taking photographs here.


How spectacular is this garden?!


I recently bought this tank at Urban Outfitters. It is so comfy! The earrings are from Windsor.



This dome was named an “Eighth Wonder of the World.”


photo 2 (1)

I posted this photo on Instagram while I was on vacation. Feel free to follow me at @mandymintblog (: I might just follow back (;

photo 4

I found these hand-crafted leather bracelets at a craft fair that was taking place near the resort. I love hand-made jewelry like this!

new apartment!

Wow…I can’t believe I’m posting photos of my new apartment! I am officially moved out of my parents’ home and into an apartment in the city. Needless to say, I am extremely ecstatic! I love decorating spaces and could hardly wait to transform an empty place into my own creation. I bought many things from Ikea and really just poked through sale bins at several stores throughout the summer to find little things here and there. I live in a four bedroom, four bathroom townhouse with friends and I can’t wait for the many memories we’ll make together. I hope you enjoy these photos! Welcome to my new place (:


















Kate Spade glasses

Happy Sunday! Guess what? I got new glasses! I have terrible vision so I wear contact lenses constantly. However, whenever I’m just relaxing at home or feel too lazy to put in contact lenses, I wear glasses. I had the same glasses with my old prescription in them forever! So when I saw these frames in a Kate Spade store, I knew I had a good reason to purchase them! The frames seem to be of pretty good quality and they hide the fact that my lenses are quite thick. Not only are they adorable, but the case they came with is too!

Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Image(You can actually find this photo on my Instagram! Feel free to follow me (: @mandymintblog

ImageIs this case cute or what?! I love how colorful Kate Spade products are.ImageImage


SinfulShine nail polish

Hello, lovely readers! I hope you have had a magnificent August so far! I don’t know about you, but I have been incredibly busy wrapping up the end of summer. From saying goodbye to many of my friends as they drive off back to school, to moving into my very first apartment, it has been a bittersweet month so far. I am so happy to be completely moved in to my new place and can’t wait to begin this chapter of my life!

I can’t wait to show you my new digs, but first, I have to let you know about this incredible nail polish by Sinful Colors. The line is called “SinfulShine” and I was given a complementary bottle of “Spitfire” from Influenster for reviewing purposes. You can find these nail polishes at Walgreens and I highly suggest picking a bottle or two up pronto! Here’s why: the price of this nail polish is affordable, but the quality of this product is so high that you’ll hardly believe it doesn’t come with an upscale price. The name “SinfulShine” is perfect for this line because it shines just like you went for a gel polish manicure….no need for a top coat! Also, the colors are gorgeous and I love the packaging too. The color I received, “Spitfire”, is a light purple that has a tint of pink to it. All-in-all, I can’t say enough good things about this product!


Bouchra Jarrar – Fall 2013 Couture

Wow! Does time fly or what?! I can’t believe official Fall collections have already made their way down many well-known runways. It feels just like yesterday that I was watching the shows for Spring 2013 lines. The hastened pace of the fashion world is one of my favorite aspects of this realm of artistry and craftsmanship. There are always fresh creations being created and showed. Much like life, we are undoubtably curious as to how the next seasons will look, and how they will feel.

Amongst my wandering around Vogue’s website, I happened upon runway photos of Bouchra Jarrar’s Fall 2013 Couture line. Jarrar is a young French designer who has been really making her mark in recent years. I wasn’t extremely familiar with her work, so I scrolled through the images of her Fall 2013 Couture line and one word came to mind, “phenomenal.” The cuts and colors of the clothes are absolutely beautiful. I love how she combined classic pieces with innovative silhouettes. By not only merging differing structures but also combining unique details, Jarrar truly meshes harder masculine influences with soft, feminine essence. Leather jackets infused with chains are worn on top, while flowing, silky pants dance around the illustrious legs of the models below. I personally love the beautiful relationship of these seemingly opposite elements. The colors used in the pieces include grey, black, white, cream, light peach, and other various neutral tones. These subdue colors really give this line a true Parisian vibe (which I love!). Overall, this well-crafted and French-inspired line is impressive and I will be highly anticipating Bouchra Jarrar’s future creations.

A few of my favorite looks:







ImageAll photos taken by Alessandro Viero/InDigitalteam/