a wonderful christmas

Hi, all! I hope you have had a lovely holiday season full of joy and laughter! I had such a marvelous Christmas. I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and did so many fun holiday things with my friends! A few of my favorites were watching Christmas movies like Elf, exploring the glistening city, and shopping for the perfect gifts for my family and friends. I love watching other people open gifts! Honestly, I feel like I’m kind of awkward when I open gifts! Haha. I guess it’s because I am so thankful for them thinking of me, but I feel like I can’t express my thankfulness enough!! I say thank you too much I think (; haha. The sentimental, hand-made gifts are my absolute favorites to give and receive (: I spent Christmas back home and it was quite wonderful. I hope yours was as well!!

Oh and one more thing… have a fantastic New Year’s Eve!! I better get to thinking about my new year’s resolutions!


The decorations in my old room.

ImageA cute snowman cookie ornament on our tree. (Looks good enough to eat!)


This ornament is made out of a gorgeous seashell! I brought it home for my mom after I went on my trip to the Cayman Islands earlier in the year. It makes me think of the warm, Caribbean beaches….ahhhh (:

Here are a just a few of the incredibly thoughtful gifts I received!

ImageMy parents gifted me an iPad Air! I can’t believe I own an iPad. I have always dreamed about making art on them and never thought I would own one this nice! I am already addicted to the many drawing and painting apps on it. I also received a fantastic stylus to use with it.

ImageSome artwork I have created with my iPad…



I sketched this when I was thinking about how excited I am to be in Arizona and Colorado in a few days. (:


I think my family knows that I am obsessed with bubble baths…hahaImage

Can’t wait to try these beauty products!

ImageSara, my brother’s amazing girlfriend, gifted me the Chloé perfume and Yves Saint Laurent lipgloss in the previous picture. I’m in love with both of them! I have never owned a Yves Saint Laurent product before, so I am extremely excited! This lip color is fantastic and will definitely become a staple in my beauty products.

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