thank you, Surfdome!

First off, happy holidays! I hope all of you have been enjoying this magical season of gratitude and generosity. I know I’ve been loving wintertime festivities with friends and family, myself. This semester of college has been filled with wonderful new opportunities! Between an academically-challenging semester, becoming a member of a sorority and traveling, I have been crazy busy! I have loved all of these new experiences though. (: Now that things have died down a bit, I can begin posting more regularly! (Thank goodness!) I am so happy to be blogging again because I was going a bit insane without it, haha. I love using it as a form of self-expression and it’s an amazing feeling to talk to fellow bloggers around the globe!

But, let’s get back to this amazing holiday season. This has been a great month so far because I have been able to do so many of my favorite things. Some of these activities include volunteering with my sorority sisters, spending extra time with my family, and of course…holiday shopping!! I fully believe that giving is better than receiving. It’s a blast to shop for friends and family and see their faces light up when they unwrap their gifts. I wish I could post everything I am gifting my friends and family for Christmas, but they will probably read this post and I would never want to ruin the surprise 😉

However, I WILL fill you in on a fabulous gift I received recently.

Surfdome is a lifestyle store that has over 900 lifestyle brands of everything from extreme sport equipment, to chic dresses, to unique accessories! I recently discovered them and they sent me an absolutely magnificent grey scarf by Pieces.


I love this scarf because it can be worn any time of year and is extremely versatile. It can be worn with super relaxed clothing, or it can be paired with a little black dress and heels for a night out.



My friend Travis and I on campus! This scarf looks amazing with so many outfits, but I LOVE pairing it with burgundy. I posted this image on Instagram a little while back….feel free to follow me! @mandymintblog

I highly suggest checking out Surfdome because they have many more scarves and other great products. All-in-all Surfdome products are high quality and they just have that cool factor….plain and simple. (:


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!  (:

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