fancy floral keyboard..thanks to Kidecals!

Hello, lovely readers!

First off, let me just say…HAPPY SPRING! Can you believe that it is starting to feel like spring outside? I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to walk out of my flat in a simple sundress or comfy shorts. We have had what seems like an eternal winter here in Indy. (Maybe Frozen had something to do with it, eh? 😉 ) Therefore, I am more appreciative of the sunshine and warm breeze now than ever before.

This sunshine is bringing more than just warm rays, it’s also making gorgeous blooming flowers appear. I absolutely love flowers and the vibrant hues they adorn the world with. Another part of my life that is now blooming with flowers is my laptop keyboard! I use my laptop so incredibly much between school, blogging, photography, etc., so sprucing up my computer and making it pretty can really lift my mood. Kidecals was so very nice and had me select some decals off of their website and I chose these “keycals”.

Aren’t they adorable?


They were surprisingly easy to apply and seem to be extremely durable! I love how they are thick and not flimsy. They have stayed on very well over the past couple of weeks, which is crazy because they came off so easily when I was getting them on my keys just right. I have always been kind of nervous when it comes to decals (haha, I’m cool, I know…) because I am a perfectionist and would expect myself to mess up when I put them on and hate it forever. However, these “keycals” are perfect for perfectionists because they don’t leave a residue on your keys and you can rearrange them however you’d like!






Overall, I am impressed with Kidecals in general and highly recommend their products! They are based out of Boulder, CO, a city that I LOVE…so that’s also a plus. (: You should definitely check out all of their products! They have decals for parents, college students, children, and just about everyone!

Also, if you use the discount code ” fashion ” when you check out, you can get 15% off of your purchase!

I hope you all have a great week! (:

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