Supreme Lash Mascara by Merle Norman

Hello, lovely readers!

I hope you all had a magnificent spring day! I don’t have much time this weekend to write a new blog post because of my nearing project due dates, however, I just HAD to tell you about a product…

Today I tried Merle Norman Supreme Lash Mascara in Black! Wow….I am at a loss for words. This stuff is amazing! It gives you great length and decent volume. I am extremely impressed with this mascara and can’t wait to wear it again!

No need for falsies with this mascara!!


a wonderful christmas

Hi, all! I hope you have had a lovely holiday season full of joy and laughter! I had such a marvelous Christmas. I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and did so many fun holiday things with my friends! A few of my favorites were watching Christmas movies like Elf, exploring the glistening city, and shopping for the perfect gifts for my family and friends. I love watching other people open gifts! Honestly, I feel like I’m kind of awkward when I open gifts! Haha. I guess it’s because I am so thankful for them thinking of me, but I feel like I can’t express my thankfulness enough!! I say thank you too much I think (; haha. The sentimental, hand-made gifts are my absolute favorites to give and receive (: I spent Christmas back home and it was quite wonderful. I hope yours was as well!!

Oh and one more thing… have a fantastic New Year’s Eve!! I better get to thinking about my new year’s resolutions!


The decorations in my old room.

ImageA cute snowman cookie ornament on our tree. (Looks good enough to eat!)


This ornament is made out of a gorgeous seashell! I brought it home for my mom after I went on my trip to the Cayman Islands earlier in the year. It makes me think of the warm, Caribbean beaches….ahhhh (:

Here are a just a few of the incredibly thoughtful gifts I received!

ImageMy parents gifted me an iPad Air! I can’t believe I own an iPad. I have always dreamed about making art on them and never thought I would own one this nice! I am already addicted to the many drawing and painting apps on it. I also received a fantastic stylus to use with it.

ImageSome artwork I have created with my iPad…



I sketched this when I was thinking about how excited I am to be in Arizona and Colorado in a few days. (:


I think my family knows that I am obsessed with bubble baths…hahaImage

Can’t wait to try these beauty products!

ImageSara, my brother’s amazing girlfriend, gifted me the Chloé perfume and Yves Saint Laurent lipgloss in the previous picture. I’m in love with both of them! I have never owned a Yves Saint Laurent product before, so I am extremely excited! This lip color is fantastic and will definitely become a staple in my beauty products.

SinfulShine nail polish

Hello, lovely readers! I hope you have had a magnificent August so far! I don’t know about you, but I have been incredibly busy wrapping up the end of summer. From saying goodbye to many of my friends as they drive off back to school, to moving into my very first apartment, it has been a bittersweet month so far. I am so happy to be completely moved in to my new place and can’t wait to begin this chapter of my life!

I can’t wait to show you my new digs, but first, I have to let you know about this incredible nail polish by Sinful Colors. The line is called “SinfulShine” and I was given a complementary bottle of “Spitfire” from Influenster for reviewing purposes. You can find these nail polishes at Walgreens and I highly suggest picking a bottle or two up pronto! Here’s why: the price of this nail polish is affordable, but the quality of this product is so high that you’ll hardly believe it doesn’t come with an upscale price. The name “SinfulShine” is perfect for this line because it shines just like you went for a gel polish manicure….no need for a top coat! Also, the colors are gorgeous and I love the packaging too. The color I received, “Spitfire”, is a light purple that has a tint of pink to it. All-in-all, I can’t say enough good things about this product!


Sunkissed VoxBox – part 1

Hello there! I hope you all are enjoying this summer night. Recently I received a wonderful package containing a variety of different products from Influenster! This great company sent me these products to try out and review honestly. The package contained SinfulColors SinfulShine, Dr. Scholls For Her High Heel Insoles, Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream, and Goody Hair Ouchless Ribbon Elastics.




In this post, I will review the Goody Hair Ouchless Ribbon Elastics and Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream. So…here goes nothing!

I’ll begin with the Ouchless Ribbon Elastics. First of all, I was impressed by the colors inlcuded within this particular pack. I usually wear neutral hair ties (especially dark-colored ones), so I was happy when I saw that this pack included these colors. However, the fact that there is a pink and a purple hair elastic included is absolutely perfect! They’ll encourage me to branch out a bit and add some color to my ponytails, braids, etc.


Perfect assortment of colors!


Even though these hair elastics look really silky and soft, they are extremely stretchy and strong.


I used one of them to hold a ponytail on a recent canoeing trip I went on and it worked so well! It was a 15-mile trip of relaxing on the water, but there were some intense moments of pure adventure! This hair elastic held my hair so well through it all! (Excuse my purplish-looking hair…just the lighting! Promise (; )

On to the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream! I feel like there are a million and one BB creams out there nowadays. I have been hearing about the several advantages of using a BB cream, but I simply had never tried using one before. I honestly think I was overwhelmed by the amount of creams like this so I never selected one and went with it. When I received the Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream in this VoxBox, I was excited to give it a whirl because I had not only heard good things about BB creams, but about the quality of Olay. I received this cream in the shade of “Fair to Light”. Even though my skin isn’t very light, the actual color of the cream isn’t an issue because it isn’t very pigmented at all, so the slight color that it does have just simply evens out out my skin tone a bit.  When I use this product, I squeeze a pea to dime size amount on my fingertips and rub it onto my entire face after I apply moisturizer, but before I apply foundation primer.


After about a week of using this product two times a day (once in the morning, once in the evening), I have noticed a difference in my skin. It feels and appears to be MUCH smoother and almost fuller looking. My skin has some acne scars and can get red and blotchy at times, but this cream has definitely reduced the blemishes. There is a somewhat strong scent in this cream, which may bother some users. However, I don’t mind the scent (even if it is a bit strong). Once I have let the cream absorb into my skin, it does leave the skin with a slightly oily finish, but I think it actually looks a bit dewy, rather than an undesirable kind of oily.


I feel like my skin is looking more illuminated!

Overall, I think this is a wonderful product that does make a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. I highly recommend it and will be purchasing it again!

I have loved trying out these products and can’t wait to review the SinfulColors SinfulShine nail polish and Dr. Scholls For Her High Heel Insoles. So stay tuned for my next Sunkissed VoxBox review post! Thanks again, Influenster!

(I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.)

favorite lip color

I’m wearing a Clinique Chubby Stick in 07 Super Strawberry today! It’s my favorite lip color. (: I love how Chubby Sticks aren’t sticky and are very creamy. I have had Super Strawberry for months now…I rarely have to get a new one! I also own 13 Mighty Mimosa and 15 Pudgy Peony and highly recommend all of them.


                                      Just posted this on Instagram…be sure to follow me! @mandymintblog

IMG_0435 copy



Left: 15 Pudgy Peony, Middle: 13 Mighty Mimosa, Right: 07 Super Strawberry

Hope you all have a magnificent Monday!

new hairstyle

Hello! Goodness gracious it has been way too long since my last post. I have been crazy busy with classes and different sorts of projects. It feels so good to post again (:

Recently I decided to change up my hairstyle a bit! I love the way middle parts can look on people…so I have been giving it a try! It feels sort of bizarre to me because I have had side-swept bangs for many years. I year…new do! Let me know what you guys think! Have a great Monday. (:

(This is a silly little Instagram diptic of me when I was working on an art project for school!)