mini autumn vacation

Hello, my beautiful readers!

Who else is excited for Autumn? It brings perfect weather for fun fall activities like hayrides and haunted housing, speciality warm drinks that fill up cozy coffee shops with their inviting aroma, and of course, fall fashion! I have been extremely busy settling into my new apartment life downtown and working on projects for school. However, this past weekend I took a mini vacation with my family. We went to French Lick Resort which is an extravagant hotel down south. It was originally constructed in 1845  and has been visited by so many notable people. Elegance, class and glamour are all words used to describe this amazing place. I am obsessed with history and vintage I loved staying here! It was nearly impossibly to take a bad photo because it was just so gorgeous. I hope you enjoy looking through these snapshots!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!



Such a breathtaking lobby! Gold everywhere.


Every single detail was amazing…even the lighting fixtures!



This graveyard was eerie at times, but I loved exploring it and taking photographs here.


How spectacular is this garden?!


I recently bought this tank at Urban Outfitters. It is so comfy! The earrings are from Windsor.



This dome was named an “Eighth Wonder of the World.”


photo 2 (1)

I posted this photo on Instagram while I was on vacation. Feel free to follow me at @mandymintblog (: I might just follow back (;

photo 4

I found these hand-crafted leather bracelets at a craft fair that was taking place near the resort. I love hand-made jewelry like this!

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