Bouchra Jarrar – Fall 2013 Couture

Wow! Does time fly or what?! I can’t believe official Fall collections have already made their way down many well-known runways. It feels just like yesterday that I was watching the shows for Spring 2013 lines. The hastened pace of the fashion world is one of my favorite aspects of this realm of artistry and craftsmanship. There are always fresh creations being created and showed. Much like life, we are undoubtably curious as to how the next seasons will look, and how they will feel.

Amongst my wandering around Vogue’s website, I happened upon runway photos of Bouchra Jarrar’s Fall 2013 Couture line. Jarrar is a young French designer who has been really making her mark in recent years. I wasn’t extremely familiar with her work, so I scrolled through the images of her Fall 2013 Couture line and one word came to mind, “phenomenal.” The cuts and colors of the clothes are absolutely beautiful. I love how she combined classic pieces with innovative silhouettes. By not only merging differing structures but also combining unique details, Jarrar truly meshes harder masculine influences with soft, feminine essence. Leather jackets infused with chains are worn on top, while flowing, silky pants dance around the illustrious legs of the models below. I personally love the beautiful relationship of these seemingly opposite elements. The colors used in the pieces include grey, black, white, cream, light peach, and other various neutral tones. These subdue colors really give this line a true Parisian vibe (which I love!). Overall, this well-crafted and French-inspired line is impressive and I will be highly anticipating Bouchra Jarrar’s future creations.

A few of my favorite looks:







ImageAll photos taken by Alessandro Viero/InDigitalteam/

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