Wow! From spending a weekend in Chicago with my friends, to attending a gorgeous wedding in Colorado, to exploring a local artsy part of town, I have been one busy girl as of late! However, now that I have an evening to myself and now that my WiFi is working again (finally!), I can share my little trip to Chicago with you all! Not to long ago one of my closest friends, Katelyn, ask me and a few other friends if we would be interested in going to Chicago with her to “cat sit” for her aunt and uncle while they were out of town. Of course I said “YES!”. Their condo was perfectly placed in the city and I absolutely loved it. Besides playing with the cute kitties, my friends and I did a lot of laughing, ate delicious treats, and of course…shopped til our feet hurt! They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so I guess I’ll just have to show you what my refreshing and extremely enjoyable trip was like! (:

Happy Summer!


Road trip time! We basically belted out girl power anthems all the way there, haha.


The view from the condo’s balcony…close to the city and shoreline!


We had some incredible Italian food at a local restaurant. Their bread was so yummy!


It’s a tradition at this restaurant to sign a bottle of wine by the table you’re eating at….so I left my mark! (;

ImageBefore we got on our train! My friends have awesome style! I especially loved their unique shorts.Image

We had to visit The Bean, of course! It’s so much fun to take photos in. (:


Me in Millennium Park. I wore comfy basics on this day.

Top: Windsor, Cardigan: Pins and Needles (Urban Outfitters)

ImageI love the color of this shirt and the collar!


Goodness my friends are gorgeous (:

ImageMadi has the cutest Coach sunglasses. (:

ImageLook at the size of this Burberry store! So crazy…


There was an arts fair going on within the city! We meandered through it and were amazed by a lot of the artists’ work there. I absolutely love going to different festivals like this one.


I went to Zara for the very first time! We don’t have many here in the United States…but I really love their clothes and shoes!


City lights. ❤


Hibiscus Apple Tea from Argo Tea and a petit four from Bennison’s Bakery…too good for words!


I bought these earrings and this bracelet while in Chicago. I found a few more things other than jewelry there, but I’ll share them in another post. (:
Gem Earrings: Charming Charlie, Bracelet: Brass Plum (Nordstrom), Skull Earrings: Brass Plum (Nordstrom)


My friends and I were in Nordstrom when we discovered some incredible Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry! I instantly fell in love with this gold ring and it happened to fit perfectly. I hadn’t splurged on anything in awhile, so I figured I would take advantage of the extra shifts I took at my job recently. (; Isn’t his jewelry amazing?!


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