favorite lip color

I’m wearing a Clinique Chubby Stick in 07 Super Strawberry today! It’s my favorite lip color. (: I love how Chubby Sticks aren’t sticky and are very creamy. I have had Super Strawberry for months now…I rarely have to get a new one! I also own 13 Mighty Mimosa and 15 Pudgy Peony and highly recommend all of them.


                                      Just posted this on Instagram…be sure to follow me! @mandymintblog

IMG_0435 copy



Left: 15 Pudgy Peony, Middle: 13 Mighty Mimosa, Right: 07 Super Strawberry

Hope you all have a magnificent Monday!

9 thoughts on “favorite lip color

    • Thank you! I’m SO glad that I could help you with your decision to try them! They are magnificent (: Go for it! It’s a wonderful color. Thanks again!

  1. I got one of these recently and was really impressed by how it actually does everything it claims to do, and really well: moisture, colour, shine and convenience. It goes everywhere with me now.

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