“Southwest Spirit” photo series

Recent dreaming of warm weather and long summer nights has caused me to think back to a photo series I created a while back named “Southwest Spirit”. I often travel to west/southwest American states because that’s where my family is based out of. I can’t get enough of the cultures, lifestyles and gorgeous scenery of the land out there (not to mention the weather!). I figured I could attempt to capture some of this beauty and whimsy using my love of photography. I shot many of these photos in Arizona. I hope you enjoy them!

p.s. I suggest you click on a photo if you want to get a closer look because the resolution will be much better than viewing them as displayed below.

Blue Sky


Water Jug


Purple CactiImageDía de los Muertos



ImageSpike Skeleton


Illuminated Cacti


Star Gazing


(It’s a bit hard to see on this blog post, but if you click on the image, your browser should open it in a new window. Then, you’ll be able to see reflections of stars in her eyes.)

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