butterbeer cupcakes

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I spent Thanksgiving Day with my parents and brother (and kitty, of course!) and had a wonderful day. Our feast was very delicious, especially these cupcakes that my mom and I made! They replicate the taste of Butterbeer from the Harry Potter novels/movies. I am a huge Harry Potter lover, so I was overly excited to try creating these sweet treats. The taste of the cake had a hint of cream soda(and was moist!), we made butterscotch ganache for the filling/drizzle on top, and the cupcake was topped with butterscotch buttercream frosting. Everything was homemade too! They were a hit with my family and with my friends too. Hope you had a magnificent Monday (:
ImageImageMixing up the butterscotch ganache!

ImageDecadent filling!




7 thoughts on “butterbeer cupcakes

    • Hello!
      I am SO sorry for the delayed reply but I have been crazy busy lately. It feels so good to update my blog though! Thank you very much! You just made my day (: I will go check out the details. I really appreciate it!

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